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Pondering on why the Rockies are soooo big

31st January 2006


Who are you?  You 70 people that my web hits reports tell me visit here every day?  If you are feeling generous, you can donate to meeeee - just click the "donate to colesyboy" link on the side  :)  Go on, its only a quid :)


16th January 2006


...Well I thought it was going to be the last ever post to this site.  There's 'somethin a brewin', have given the site a small overhaul, more to come in the months ahead.


22nd August 2004

Well this is the last ever post to this site, it was only 1 year and 6 days ago that I set off to Canada via New York to pick up my bike in Montreal and start the journey that has taken me thirty five thousand kilometres around the most amazing continent, the Americas. 

...continued in the chod.