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Who is this bloke then?

The kids are alright

I've been around for 32 years, worked for a decade in IT with two RTW trips and a year in NZ to break it all up.  5 years on from my last big trip (can't believe it's been that long) I'm off on another adventure.  Yes adventure....., that's probably an apt name for what I'm going to spend the next 12 months experiencing. 
The trip along the Panamerican highway has taken about a year to plan (but mostly save) and as I write this, I have three weeks left until I leave.  I'm ready in my mind to go, just gotta do a few bits and pieces between now and the 15th August (yeah right, more like a truckload of stuff to complete!)
This site will hopefully serve as a useful "thing that updates them, but don't know a word for it" to my friends and family and whoever delves in for a whiff. 
Ummm, the names Brian Coles by the way.....Brain Close being an anagram, thanks Mum!

As you can see the "biker" vein runs deep in my family. From left to right, Grandad, Nan and Mum